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All puppies will require grooming of some kind and this is largely dependant on the breed of your puppy. Discussing this with a qualified local groomer or with our grooming team here in Brighton will help you plan out the best process for making sure that you and your puppy enjoy a lifetime of grooming.

Puppy Grooming at Bone Idol in Brighton will include making sure that your new puppy has clean ears, eyes and nose. That their fur is not matted. We also include a 'hygiene clip'. This is simply clipping the hair around the bottom and genital areas to ensure they are clean and hygienic. An important factor in keeping your puppy healthy and happy.

Grooming is great for every dog and not just when they are muddy, it also had health benefits too!

A Healthy Start To Dog Grooming

Grooming has several health benefits for your dog. A good groomer can talk you though these as appropriate for the breed of your dog.

Brushing your dog allows the groomer to remove loose and damaged hair from the coat we refer to this process as ventilating the coat. This process promotes continued healthy and strong coat. Regular brushing can act as a gentle massage that can simulate the skin and promote healthy blood circulation.

Grooming your puppy will also ensure that your dog’s skin can breathe and keeps down the level of grease and grime in their coat. This can build up and cause irritation, itchiness and various skin problems.

Gentle and enjoyable grooming of your puppy should develop over time. Home brushing, combing and handling of your puppy will make the grooming process much more comfortable for your dog. It should become a soothing, positive and relaxing experience for you both. This will in turn help to reinforce the bond between you and your dog.

Bone Idol Guide To Puppy Grooming, Brighton Dog Groomer, Puppy Grooming, How to Groom a New Puppy, Free Dog Grooming

Bone Idol Guide To Puppy Grooming, Brighton Dog Groomer, Puppy Grooming, How to Groom a New Puppy, Free Dog Grooming, Matted dog Coats, Afghan Hound Puppy

Matting and Knots

Particularly for longer coat breeds there can be some issues with matting of the fur. When a dog moults or sheds, the loose hair can get tangled which causes matting. If not brushed away regularly these mats continue to develop. Mats are not just knotting of the hair but can build up to cause discomfort and damage. They can also cause and hide other problems.

Mats that form close to the skin, particularly around the joints, can pull on the skin and create painful sore patches and/or cause distress to the dog. It is possible for these patches to develop sores and for these to get infected causing further damage and serious complications.

Regular Grooming & Choosing A Style

Regular grooming gives you, and your groomer, the opportunity to give your puppy a basic health check. They can check for matting and sores, clean out between the toes where mud and grass seeds can form large matts.

Grass seeds can even grow or travel through the skin, sometimes causing infection and may even require surgery. While grooming a good dog groomer will check for any sores, fleas, or general lumps, bumps, scratches, and the condition of their eyes, ears and feet.

Breeds with longer coats may require a more comprehensive grooming. These breeds can have breed standard cuts, show cuts or bespoke grooming. Talking to a good groomer will give you the options and advise you on how to maintain the cut between grooms.

You can find out more about our Brighton dog grooming services by looking at our grooming pages or by contacting our Brighton grooming team. 01273 695631

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Bone Idol Guide To Brushing Your Dog.

Ben from Bone Idol Brighton Dog Grooming & Nora the Labradoodle join forces to give you a short introduction guide to brushing your dog at home.

A video on maintaining your dogs coats at home.

A Final Reminder

Always try to make any grooming and handling a pleasant experience, praise your dog and reward with treats if necessary. Choose a time when you are both relaxed, perhaps after a walk when your dog is resting after their exercise. Particularly when you start out, try short and frequent sessions.

It is always best to groom your dog from an early age, as this is the time when they make positive associations and discover what they enjoy and what they don’t.

For more tips and helpful information try our Socialisation guide.

Bone Idol Brighton Dog Grooming offer a free introductory Puppy Package worth up to £30.

Once your new puppy has had their second round of vaccinations you can book them in for a carefully designed introduction to the grooming parlour.