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Kind, Friendly, Professional, Passionate, Labradoodle Bone Idol Dog Grooming Level 3 Dog Grooming Qualification, East Sussex, Brighton & Hove

Welcome to the Bone Idol Academy! This amazing training school has been set up in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and provides formal Level 3 Qualifications in dog grooming, as well as vocational courses, pet owner workshops and more.


We pride ourselves on offering a professional, passionate and kind learning environment.


No matter what your current skill level or end goal is, we're here to help you achieve your dream of becoming a qualified and professional dog groomer. We provide training of the highest quality and standards, with your success as our motivation.

You can learn how to groom your own dog in just one day, or complete a Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming & Salon Management qualification in 30 days. We even offer Emergency Canine First Aid courses held regularly throughout the year!


Bone Idol Academy is based in Brighton & Hove in East Sussex. Bone Idol Academy is a Training Provider Centre in it's own right, overseen by Ofqual.

Qualified & Experienced Tutors

The Dogs Always Come First

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As a UK training school, Bone Idol Academy offers assistance in building up skills, training and dog grooming qualifications, regardless of a trainee’s previous levels of experience, in order to suit all needs and end goals.


We know that our centre will provide you with everything you could possibly want, whether you are a novice looking to experience life and work in a grooming salon because you love working with animals, or have been searching for the perfect place to train and gain the practical skills required to carve out a career at the highest standard in a competitive and growing industry. We will also be happy to provide tuition for experienced groomers who are keen to continue in their professional development.


Our team of dedicated professionals will support you every step of the way, whether you simply want to be able to look after your own animal companions to the standards they deserve, or if you are looking to become a specialist with your own grooming salon anywhere in the UK. We all started out as trainees on the same journey as you, in order to follow our dream of working with dogs and running a successful business, so we are certain we can help you reach it as well.

Start your journey of becoming a confident, capable, qualified dog groomer with Bone Idol Academy on the Sussex coast.

The iPET Network was founded by dog groomers for dog groomers. As employers, the iPet Network team recognise the need for quality tuition in the animal sectors in the UK.


iPet Use their wealth of knowledge and experienced in the pet sector so they always have a finger on the pulse.


This has allowed them to create industry leading training programmes that are hugely beneficial to all individuals in developing their career in the dog grooming and animal care business.

Why are dog grooming qualifications important?


We also believe that no one should ever stop learning, as you will continuously develop your skills and become an even better version of your professional self this way. In a highly competitive industry such as the world of dog grooming, it is very important that you are able to achieve qualifications and prove your skills.


Qualifications from a grooming training academy also help to reassure pet owners that they are using a regulated service to provide treatments for their four-legged best friend. They understand that a qualified dog groomer will adhere to industry best practice, promote the health of any dog and be trained in canine First Aid, as well as ensuring that the dogs are in a safe and appropriate environment at all times.


Change Your Career, Invest in Your Future: Train to Become a Dog Groomer with the Bone Idol Academy


We all know that being a dog groomer is, without a doubt, the best job in the world (we’re not biased at all!); you spend all day in bright, friendly grooming salons, surrounded by pampered pets that you get to be creative with and practice grooming techniques on, and most importantly you will be helping these adorable little creatures to stay healthy, be happy and to look fabulous!


When you complete the course and transform from trainee to graduate at Bone Idol Academy, you will become part of a constantly growing and evolving business sector. With an estimated 9.9 million dogs running around out there in the UK and an increase in popularity for breeds such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Cavapoos and many others with coats that require regular maintenance, you should find that there is plenty of work out there for us all!


We offer courses and canine-related qualifications to suit any need, so start your journey and become a confident, capable and qualified dog groomer with Bone Idol Academy today. We pride ourselves on our unique dog grooming courses and training designed to suit everybody, so you should always find the diploma that works best for you.


Our work is based in the centre of Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, and our school is a Training Provider Centre in its own right, overseen by Ofqual.


Register your interest in dog grooming training and stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events using the handy form found at the top of this page. One of our team members will contact you directly with everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have.


Bone Idol Academy | Brighton & Hove East Sussex | Accessible from Lewes, Hastings, Crawley Newhaven, Worthing, Lancing and West Sussex

All Bone Idol dog grooming qualifications, training courses, workshops and seminars are taught in our new academy in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex.


Each of these is also designed with the dogs and our students in mind, in order to create the happiest atmosphere and most comfortable learning experience available from any of the training centres found in the UK.


We think it’s important to learn in a relaxed atmosphere, with a small number of students in every class to ensure you receive as much guidance from your tutor as possible, and to provide you with a greater opportunity to have all your questions answered.


We provide valuable hands-on skills practice in our training room, which runs alongside our main grooming salon. This gives you the opportunity to observe qualified groomers at work and to see how a successful salon operates.


All of the dogs that you will groom during your course have gone through checks to ensure they are happy to be groomed by students under our supervision and guidance.


Throughout the dog grooming training course, we aim to give you hands-on experience with one or two dogs each day (with assistance from your tutor when required). This means you’ll get as much from your course as possible, because you will be learning the correct styling techniques from start to finish.


The Bone Idol Academy is also surrounded by a wide variety of bakeries, coffee shops, cafes and other amenities, so if you ever need to nip out for something sweet, a little treat or to run some errands, you will be in the right place!


Placed in the heart of Hove the new dog grooming qualification & training facility is easily accessible by car, train and other public transport from West Sussex, East Sussex and beyond. Including Crawley, Gatwick and London, as well as Hastings and Eastbourne. Busses connect Hove with Portslade, Worthing and Lancing in West Sussex and also with Newhaven & Lewes in East Sussex.


Brighton & Hove at its heart is a blend of cosmopolitan bohemia. This historic Victorian city is situated at the southern foot of the South Downs, where rolling chalk hills meet the sea. A vibrant and fully of life city, that celebrates diversity, education, arts, and more while retaining community spirit and widespread friendliness, all despite being the largest city in the south east of England.




Our Bone Idol Academy Tutors have been chosen for their kind and approachable nature, creative skills, knowledge of the dog grooming industry and passion for what they do. Each tutor has been gained an 'Education and Training Qualification' ensuring quality in every session.

Our tutors are committed to your success and will see you right the way through your course, from start to finish.

Individual attention will ensure that you progress at a pace to suit you, and by getting to know you well our tutors can guide you in your learning most effectively. The friendly and approachable nature of all our team members will put you at ease and make your learning fun!

We encourage you to ask lots of questions during your studies at the Bone Idol Academy and learn from our experience. We love to talk and pass on all the knowledge we have gained whilst operating the school and our award winning dog grooming salon. This is why our practical and well planned courses contain everything from you need to be a success from bathing dogs to business advice.


Helen Kirby - Bone Idol Academy Founder & Tutor

"I am Passionate about grooming and believe that qualifications are important to verify your skills and build trust with your customers."


"I love teaching and I want all of my students to have fun while learning. I’m here to answer any questions you may have along your journey and my motivation is watching the excitement of students achieving their goals!"


Helen's passions include live music, travel and of course dogs!


Read Helen's Blog on becoming a dog groomer here.

Bone Idol Academy - Student Testimonial

Zoe - Qualified 2020

“I decided to change my career after lockdown and I am so glad that I chose Bone Idol Academy to help me do this. Helen is such a fantastic teacher.

Her passion and talent for dog grooming really comes across in her teaching and she pushes you to be the best groomer you can be.

Training with Bone Idol Academy has given me the skills and knowledge I needed to pursue a career in something that I love.”


Zoe on the left (Lola's on the right)

Bone Idol Academy Review , Dog Grooming Qualification, Level 3 Dog Grooming & Salon Management - Zoe with Lola

Bone Idol Academy has grown and developed out of the Bone Idol Brighton Shop, Dog Grooming Parlour and website. Born in Brighton. Read our Bone Idol Philosophy to find out more.

Bone Idol is a business where the dogs always come first.

We believe every dog can be healthy, happy and fabulous in a way that's right for them.

We will always share our experience and knowledge openly and transparently.

Visit our Brighton shop, our Brighton dog grooming salon, shop online right here, or contact us to learn more about the new Bone Idol Academy.