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At Bone Idol we are all about dogs! From puppies to senior dogs, we cater for all your doggy desires. Bone Idol is a curated collection of high quality products. You will find stylish and practical leather dog collars, leads. healthy cold pressed and high quality Bone Idol dry dog food.

Coming soon will be dog beds and dog toys. Cold pressed dog food coming summer 2020.

Each collection is created with you and your dog in mind, using all our experience and knowledge to offer an definitive collection of quality products. As we find and source these products they will be added to our website.

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Nora Nose Best
Cold Pressed
Exclusive Dog Food Coming Soon!

Healthy Dog Food - Fed For Health

Our Commitment:

We only sell the best and work hard to find and source high quality food options for you and your dog. With dry and cold pressed dog food options. we hope you will find something that suits you!

With our commitment to healthy, ethically and UK sourced ingredients, your dog will taste the difference.


Bone Idol Healthy Dry Dog Food

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Bone Idol Adult Chicken & Garden Vegetables Dog Food
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Bone Idol Adult Chicken & Garden Vegetables Dog Food
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Bone Idol Healthy Dog Food - Salmon, Trout & Garden Vegetables Adult
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