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  • Hypoallergenic, what does it mean?

    You may be surprised to learn that food intolerances are a common problem amongst pets. Lower quality pet food, packed with artificial additives, chemicals and known hypersensitisation ingredients can often cause disturbances. View Post
  • Your Dogs Health & Healthy Dog Food From Bone Idol

    Many factors can contribute to your dog's health, however the better the quality of food the more benefit and nutrients it will receive, it will then be able to turn the nutrients into energy for everyday health and wellbeing.

    Healthy Dog Food For Happy Dogs.

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  • Top Tips on Fireworks & Dogs

    As Bonfire night is just around the corner, at Bone Idol we want to make sure your furry friends are as peaceful as possible during the firework festivities. View Post
  • From Paris to Brighton with love

    curated collection of ready to wear autumn & winter fashion straight from Paris to Brighton. View Post
  • Omega 3: This Is No Fisherman's Tale

    Omega-3 and It's Benefits  We have all heard about Omega Fatty Acids, but what are they and why are they in Bone Idol dog food?   Omega- 3 fatty acids are 'essential' because dogs can not produce them in their body and so must be included in their diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are used in mainta... View Post
  • Water Safety For You & Your Dog

    A coastal walk with your beloved doggy is a fabulous way to spend a healthy afternoon.  

    Bone Idol has recently taken advice from the RNLI and we want to share this with you as many of our customers did not know you can call 999 in a doggy emergency.  

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  • Bone Idol & The Perfect Toys For Your Dog

    Play can enrich your relationship & your dogs life. So lets look at playing styles and things you may want to consider when selecting toys for your dog.

    Take our quick four question quiz or read more.

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  • Tick that box & be tick aware!

    The number of ticks in the UK is on the rise and so too are the health risks to you and your dog. Increasingly warm wet winters have meant that ticks have longer to feed and so have become more common.  At Bone Idol we always put the health and wellbeing of you and your dog first so here are som... View Post