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Bone Idol | Guide: Fleas, Life Cycle, Treatments and Prevention

Here at Bone Idol we love to share our knowledge and experience with pet parents to help them make the best decisions for them and their dog! This guide is a...

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Bone Idol | Dog Grooming Style Diary | Guide: Doris The Balloon Dog

Doris The Labradoodle, Balloon Dog Custom Groom | Style and Grooming Diary from the Bone Idol Dog Grooming team. Guides to dog grooming terminology, techniqu...

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Light Dog Food | How To Pick A Diet Dog Food | Healthy Dry Dog Foods

Dog food has evolved and with this comes choice. Bone Idol are here to help you pick the best light or diet dog food so you can feed your dog a full and com...

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Top 10 Winter Safety Tips for Dogs | Snow Ice | Rock Salt Antifreeze

Snow and Ice can be fun with wintery walks and warm evenings! There are some things to watch out for too. Here are our top 10 tips at Bone Idol to ensure the...

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Senior Dog Food - Designed For Older Dogs

Senior Dog Food | Nutritionally Rich | Delicious Flavours. Find out why we believe pets deserve the best throughout every life stage. That’s why we’re delig...

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What is the best food for my dog | A Bone Idol Guide

What is the best food for my dog? We all want the best for our dogs, and what they eat is essential to their wellbeing. Elaine the Vet is here to help you fi...

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