What is Crude Ash and why is it in my dogs dinner?

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You'll often see 'ash' or 'crude ash' listed in pet food ingredients and, like many, may wonder what this is? 

These terms are just a technical measurement of the mineral content (or inorganic matter) within the food. A sample of the food is taken and incinerated, all the organic matter burns off leaving just the ash or the mineral components behind.

The mineral/ash content is derived from the raw materials and from the mineral supplements where present in the food. These supplements are is necessary for to create a complete food. This means your dog will get everything they need for a healthy life from just eating Bone Idol dog food.

Where do I find the ash level?

On the back of our bag under the heading “Analytical Constituents”. This is a legal declaration and must be declared on all pet food.

Complete dog food can be expected to have an ash level anywhere from 4% to 10%. Those with higher meat recipes can have an ash level closer to 10%.

So don't be alarmed to read about ash in your pet food! It's just showing you that there are minerals within the food.

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