Bone Idol on the BBC!

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Our Bone Idol co-founder, Scott, was on BBC Radio Sussex this week to talk about all things dogs with presenter Danny Pike and fellow guest Julia Mewes, Director of Mewes Vets.

Scott spoke about the reason why Bone Idol was founded by three friends and our ethos: to ensure every dog is Healthy, Happy and Fabulous.

Healthy at Bone Idol means we create and source great quality foods, naturally healthy treats, grooming services and wellbeing products to keep your dog in tip-top shape. 

Happy is a wagging tail and the team at Bone Idol will always work to make your dog’s every visit to our shop in the best one yet. 

Fabulous is what we do! From bespoke custom cuts and Asian fusion grooming, a curated collection of products in-store, limited edition ranges and bespoke products. 

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