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  • Freshly Prepared Dog Food

    Freshly prepared is a term we use to describe the human-grade quality raw and fresh meats used in all Bone Idol Grain Free Dog Food recipes.

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  • Dogs & Horses and Bone Idol Launch an Exclusive Partnership

    We have something to bark about! Bone Idol has been working with Dogs & Horses to create the perfect partnership. Our joint beliefs of quality products and brilliant customer service naturally align the two brands and this year things just got fabulous!

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  • Bone Idol on the BBC!

    Our Bone Idol co-founder, Scott, was on BBC Radio Sussex this week to talk about all things dogs with presenter Danny Pike and fellow guest Julia Mewes, Director of Mewes Vets. Scott spoke about the reason why Bone Idol was founded by three friends and our ethos: to ensure every dog is Healthy, ... View Post
  • Hyperactive Dogs and Their Diet - Are They Linked?

    We often get asked by customers at Bone Idol if "hyper-activeness in dogs be caused by their diet?”  View Post
  • 5 Tips to make vet visits less stressful for your dog

    Aside from the regular reasons to take your dog for example vaccinations, weight management clinics and puppy socialising classes, January can also be a great time to take your dog for a health check. View Post
  • What is Crude Ash and why is it in my dogs dinner?

    Crude Ash is a technical measurement of the inorganic matter i.e the mineral content within the diet. The mineral content is mostly natural and is derived from the raw materials.

    What's in your dog food?

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  • Top 10 Winter Safety Tips for Dogs

    Winter is a fun time for dogs and pet parents with wintery walks and warm evenings! We've put together our top 10 tips at Bone Idol to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your furry friends this winter.  1. Snowy Toes  We know a wintery walk can be snow much fun but it's very important to chec... View Post
  • Short haired breeds at Bone Idol

    It's nothing 'short' of remarkable. For certain short haired breeds such as Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Boston Terriers we offer a Full Treatment in our state of the art grooming parlour starting from only £18. This service includes: •    Bath and blow dry •    External anal gland expression if n... View Post